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Let’s join hands and play together!

Thank you for your interest to engage with us. There are multiple ways you can get involved. Depending on your interest, click on the tabs on this page and get in touch with us via the appropriate form. We are excited to get to play with you!  

It is GREAT that you want to come play with us. Thank you for your interest to contribute with your time, effort and creativity to our learning community. We very much need your contributions and genuine inputs. To apply for volunteering, kindly fill the below application AND send a copy of your CV to sde.egypt@gmail.com with “Volunteer Application” in the subject line. We will call you to arrange for a visit to the learning space and a conversation to take your application forward.

Volunteer Application

Who are resource people?  resource people are expert people in certain fields of knowledge and/or skills. They take a child’s exhibited interest and passion through a logical knowledge pathway or accept a child as an apprentice in their field. Resource people can also act as mentors that support children to go deeper in a certain field of knowledge and further their understanding and mastery of a certain topic of interest.

Additionally, resource people can come and deliver educational offerings for all children at our learning space in their field of mastery. The latter can be anything from arts and crafts to chess,  from astronomy to traditional medicine, gender equality, martial arts and the list goes on!

What you know and do is, indeed, something of an interest to the young growing humans who are exploring this world!! 

Feel that this resonates with you? And you want to offer your skills and expertise to come play with and nurture children? You can absolutely offer some classes or mentor a child who is interested in your field. Our team will support all along the way as you design your educational offering! 

Fill our resource person application form here:

Resource Person Application!

If you are one of our community elders (60+) and love spending time with children, please come hang around with us. We would love to spend time with you and host what you have to offer kids be it story time, strolling around the city, traditional recipe sharing or others, we want you with us.

Please contact us by dropping us an email at sde.egypt@gmail.com or fill our visitor form to come see us and have a conversation around the suitable form of your involvement in our wisdom council.

We are located at 7, Nobar Street, same building as Kheir Zaman supermarket, just infront of Saad Zaghloul Metro Station, Lazoughly, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

You may like to visit our learning community for different reasons:

  • To know about our learning community, to understand our working educational philosophy and practice
  • If you are a parent interested in admission – then apart from #1 – to observe typical day / week at our learning space and interact with children and facilitators.
  • If you are homeschooling or unschooling, you may like to visit and stay at our learning space for one or more weeks with your child
  • To know about our learning space and work – specially if you want to donate something or look to do a project with us
  • To do or learn or work or explore something at our learning space (any concept, skill, project or goals that you want to acheive) 🙂
  • To just come and relax and be with the community and enjoy our open, outdoor area and plants

There are no expenses for visiting and experiencing a full day at our space. However, because we are a non-profit organization, at the end of the day, you can make a contribution to our gift culture box if you would like. This is only optional.

In all cases, you are WELCOME!! To express your interest in visiting us, just fill the short form by clicking on the link below

Visitor Knock-Knock!

For further questions, you can drop us an email at sde.egypt@gmail.com or call us to organize your visit.

Interest in Enrollment

Form to request a phone call about enrollment.
  • Basic Info

  • The child which you wish to enroll at our learning space
  • We are currently enrolling students ages 7-15 years old
  • Schedule a call with our Space Holder and Learning Facilitator

    Let us know when you're available for a phone call with our Space Holder. You'll get any questions you have about our learning space answered and learn some more foundational information about how we operate.
  • If it is a facebook page, a blog, a website or a friend, please let us know who they are.

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