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So far, we do not have any funders or sponsors to our programs. Hence, our funding is completely based on participants paying their cost of participation.

We are a registered non-profit organization, so the money we take only goes to cover our basic needs and expenses, these include: facilitators and resource people stipends, venue rental and maintenance, learning materials and outdoor trips costs. If you join us as one of our founding parents, you will have access to our budget and financial statements for review. 

Standard Participation Cost: 2,500 EGP/ child/month

Sliding scale of contribution:  the recommended participation fees for your family is clarified below based on family income per month using this payment calculator.

You can choose to either pay the Standard Participation cost or make use of the sliding scale method that we have explained below.

Slide the marker below to your MONTHLY INCOME LEVEL in EGP

Recommended tuition:

Deciding on Participation Cost

  • Slide the total family income* marker (above) to see what our recommended participation cost is for your income level. Currently, the minimum tuition recommendation is 1500 EGP and the maximum is 5000 EGP. We ask families who are able to pay more than the maximum level to consider making a donation to help us increase our accessibility. 
  • Consider the recommendation you get from the Calculator above and see if that can work for your family. Can you afford it? Can you pay more? If so, consider applying for a higher segment than the recommendation, or making a donation. If you can’t afford the recommendation, choose a lower segment and give us more information about your situation.
  • At the end of the enrollment application, you will be asked to complete a section of participation cost and submit your financial offer to our Finance team.
  • Our Finance team will review the financial offer you made and determine if we have space at the segment for which you’re applying. If so, the offer will be accepted. If not, you’ll be placed on a waiting list for that segment. We’ll most definitely communicate with you throughout the process!

A Note regarding participation fees: 

  1. In the spirit of sharing and equalizing opportunities, we tell parents the cost of a child that allows us to cover our expenses. We depend on a sliding scale of contribution. We trust that you will be able to make an honest, generous and responsible financial contribution within this scale based on your financial situation.
  2. We are working on a model that is based on trust with our families – this is the only way it is going to work. By trusting families to be generous and reasonable we increase our accessibility.
  3. If you contribute more than the cost of your child, it goes to support other children who are financially more challenged.
  4. If you volunteer as a resource person offering children your skills and expertise during some days of the month, or contribute other in-kind resources to the learning space, this goes towards the reduction of your child’s participation cost.

Program length

Least available: 3 months of subscription (October’19 – December’19)

Preferred: 10 months of subscription (December’19 – August ‘20)

Please note: A subscription for at least 3 months is required. Preference goes to parents who want to subscribe for a full academic year until August 2020.

Payment Schedule

  • Payment is done in advance for every learning season. Hence, payments are made at the beginning of every 3 months. 
  • For the academic year 2019/2020, payments are made at the beginning of October, mid-January and beginning of June. 
  • If this payment plan constitutes a challenge for you, please get in touch so that we can work out something more convenient.