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Currently accepting applications based on space availability. Looking for Founding Parents, checkout the role of a founding parent HERE

Enrollment subscription: A subscription for at least 3 months is required. Preference goes to parents who want to subscribe for a full academic year until Sep. 2018. 

Rolling Enrollment: Since each student’s curriculum is self-generated, you can enroll throughout the year. Participation Fees is prorated for the portion of the school year enrolled.

Participation Fees: this is offered on a sliding scale. Learn more about our trust-based approach to payments here.

Please check the section on “our programming” to learn more about Operating Days and Hours and other logistical information. 

Enrollment Process

 Step 1


  • makerspaceExplore our learning model by scrolling through our website.  
  • Read our comprehensive FAQ page
  • Visit our Resources  page to find links to articles, websites, videos & books that have inspired this model to happen.
  • Learn more about Self-Directed Education to understand the underlying philosophy of our learning community.

Step 2

Fill a pre-liminary application: to express your interest in joining us. Yo can find it this application form HERE .Please only do so after having talked to your child about this prospect. We will contact you to confirm a visiting day for you and your child.   




Step 3

Attend an Open House Day: which allows you to meet the team, ask questions, get to listen from us in flesh and blood, as well as experience with your child a day of self-directed education.  

This is important to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. At this stage, we are not looking for parents who receive a service of education that we offer, we are looking for “founding parents”, that will support us in making this experience come true, and will participate in it as equal stakeholders and contributors to help refine it for their children and others.  

Step 4

Final Enrollment: Within 10 days of the open house visit, a time in which you can still ask our team more questions or visit us again, after this, your family will let our admissions team know if you would like to pursue enrollment. The admissions team will make a final determination from its side too.



If there is a match, our admission team will send you an enrollment letter. You complete your enrollment through the following:  

  • pay a deposit of the first 1.5 months of tuition,
  • agree on the installment plan for the rest of your payments
  • fill out final enrollment documents

Step 5

Founding Parents Orientation and Community Meeting: where you meet the rest of the founding parents and set your own community culture and guidelines for how you want this learning experience to be for both you and your children. Please find more on the Role of A Founding Parent HERE.




This will be followed by the actual joining of the child to the learning space.