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In the first incarnation of this project, we are not looking for parents who receive a service of education. We are looking for collaborators to co-create a learning community with. We are looking for parents who would support us as a founding team, who would collaborate with other parents to create the dream education experience for their children.

Founding parent roles may include but is not limited to any of the following:

  • volunteer to come and play with the children or offer yourself and your expertise as a resource person, offering a workshop, a class or a trip
  • volunteer in one of the learning space’s working groups according to your areas of interest and expertise (for example, lead a working group on fundraising or partnerships or finance ..etc)
  • volunteer to build and strengthen the parents community, lead workshops or gatherings to build ties and engagements among the parents

The previous are just examples and we are opened to whatever you think is the role you can best play.

As a reflection of our educational philosophy and commitment to a creating a culture of a learning community based on participation and inclusion, we are looking to have founding parents who are ready to get involved in a Board. Such a board will be responsible for overseeing the business and activities of our learning community as well as providing a channel for resolution of problems or grievances. 

Excited to shape this experience with us?! go ahead and fill out an application form HERE.