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We have previously implemented our tools and principles of self-directed and agile education during several summer and winter camps with children ages 4 – 15 years old in Cairo, Egypt. After the success with which the camps were received by parents and children and due to the constant encouragement by our parents community, we decided to open a permanent learning space.

Below, you can find some of the affirmations by children, facilitators and parents who joined us in the camps experiences:

“Mesahat summer camp using self-directed education was a wonderful experience. It is very different from school. The benefits for me were so many. This camp made me realize what I want to do in the future and I re-assessed all my views and relationship to my traditional school. I got to know so many cool people. I wish I can join next year and find the same people, I will be so happy!

Maisoon Badr, Participant, 15 years old, Mesahat Summer Camp, August’17

I am extremely happy my kid joined the Mesahat camp experience. There is so much energy, positiveness, hope and creativity in this magnificent experiment that is being applied for the first time. I was impressed by how well prepared people, facilitators and organizers were.  My son Hamza is 5 years old. One day after the camp, my kid played with his toys and left them messy to go for dinner, when I went to tidy up after him, he was upset and asked me to leave his stuff so he can arrange it himself.

On other instances, when I talk with my kid now, he voices his opinion strongly. He knows that he has a right to choose what to do and to learn what he loves at the time he wants. I am so surprised how you were able to create this culture with my kid

Ayesha Salah, Parent, Participated in Mesahat Summer Camp, August’16

“I am passionate about changing education in Egypt. I am establishing a community school in a rural village. My vision for it is to allow children time and space to learn what they love with no oppression or abuse. I came to know that what I dream of in education is embodied in the philosophy of Self-Directed Education (SDE).

Joining the SDE Facilitators training was the greatest journey of my life so far. I joined a learning community based on trust and freedom. As facilitators, we experience and embody what we do with the kids. I made my own personalized learning plan, I learnt what I wanted at the time that I wanted with no external pressure. It is the first time in a learning setting to authentically experience freedom and presence, enjoying every moment to the fullest. I felt the joy of learning when based on choice, not on degrees or certificates. This is just the essence of being human! It was great when our graduation ceremony was a de-certification party!!

We are on a journey to opt-out of this farce theater play that is called mainstream education, to create for our children a different kind of life, an environment that respects their minds, interests and ambitions. I learn a lot from the kids I work and facilitate with. Whenever given trust and choice, kids surpass all the expectations I can possibly have for them. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this community. 

Sarah Gamal, Self-Directed Education Facilitator, Attended SDE Facilitators Training, August’17

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