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What do they say about Self-Directed Education around the world? Is it tried and tested?

Yes, in our modern days, Self-Directed Education has been tried all over the world from India to South Africa, from the United Kingdom to Canada and the United States , from Peru and Mexico to Jordan and Palestine. It is sometimes referred to as: Unschooling, Free Learning, Democratic Education or Schooling. And there is so much evidence that it WORKS!

However, it is worth mentioning that SDE has been there before “Schooling” became the norm. It is the way our societies educated children always before modern schools became compulsory. Hence, going to Self-Directed Education is more of an invitation to go back to our roots and find our own wisdom rather than the ones imposed on us by mass-scale education. You can check this article by Peter Gray on how old societies and communities, before the invention of schooling, used to educate their kids. 


What proof exists that SDE WORKS?

First: We are a part of a global expanding network of self-directed education micro-schools, this network is called Agile Learning Centers (ALCs), you can check ALC and its results around the world on their website HERE.

Second: more articles and resources on Self-Directed Education and how it works can be found in our RESOURCES section.  You can also start by this article HERE which is a review of the biological foundations we have inside us as humans for Self-Directed Education. The article also traces the history of such type of schools around the world and what their graduates did. Believe it or not these types of schools that operate with an SDE philosophy have been around in the world since the early 1900s.

Research on Self-Directed Education shows that most of students have figured out what their core passions are and are actively organizing their future around those things during school years.

Want more evidence that Self-Directed Education works? visit our RESOURCE CENTER. Or see how a typical day puts Self-Directed Education into practice at our learning center and what students actually do learn through SDE.