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Our vision is to create autonomous, communal pathways for education.  We envision taking learning from the confinement of classroom walls to the vastness of life and its rich resources. We start with Cairo as a Learning city. 


Our mission is to create inter-connected learning communities with a shared joy and love for learning. In these communities, we equip learners with contextualized intellectual, social, emotional and practical values, knowledge and skills. Children sprout to be self-motivated, life-long learners, who know how to find their life purpose and passion. Children exercise their agency and autonomy for their own good as well as that of the planet we live on.


This program is for un-schoolers, homeschoolers, natural and free learners, children who choose to dropout of mainstream school, kids on a gap year, self-designed learners and children looking to transition out of school sometime soon. We currently accept ages 7-15 years old.

It is also for parents looking for an opportunity to co-found a dream learning community for their children with the support of other parents, facilitators, elders and resource people.

Our Learning Environment is ideal if:

~ You and your child are looking for a totally child driven open learning experience 

~ Your child is not “fitting in” with the mainstream education system and you are looking for an alternative 

~ You and your family are looking for a community of people who believe in alternative and deeply meaningful education.

Our Learning Environment will provide:

  • Wide exposures to children – especially via interaction with multitude of people and places
  • All kinds of resources for each child to be able to pursue their own interests
  • Sensitive and supportive facilitation and guidance as per the child’s needs
  • A collaborative setup that allows a child to learn in an environment of freedom with responsibility
  • A safe yet stimulating life that is challenging yet endearing and inviting

If this resonates with you, go ahead and apply for enrollment. If you want to know more, checkout our learning model and what informs our work.