Ahlan Wa Sahlan 


We are a space in the heart of Cairo where children self-direct their own learning in a loving community!

In a nutshell

You can consider us an independent, self-directed, communal learning space or micro-school. We are also an Agile Learning Center, a global expanding network of self-directed education micro-schools. We harness powerful tools for self-organization and intentional culture creation, supporting learners to deeply engage with the world through their passions and strengths. Our learning environment embraces choice & freedom along with collaboration between peers, facilitators, and the local community. Read More … 


Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE): Facilitators and Founders Training

Egypt ’18

We come to live and play together, as education changemakers, rebels and companions in a journey of learning and unlearning. Together,  we self-organize, co-create and embody the new learning community we wish to see in the world – to be culturally rooted and globally connected!

 All About Facilitators & Founders Training 

Mesahat Children and Youth Summer Camp 


Mesahat offers a summer camp for children and youth, ages 6 – 15 years old, based on the philosophy of Self-Directed Education using agile, democratic education tools and practices. This year Mesahat’s summer camp will be hosted on the beautiful residence of Monte Cairo in Moqattam: with its surrounding spacious area, swimming pool and playground.


 All About Children and Youth Summer Camp 

More About Mesahat …

Who are we for? 

This is a space is for un-schoolers, homeschoolers, natural and free learners, children who choose to dropout of mainstream school, kids on a gap year, self-designed learners and children looking to transition out of school sometime soon. We currently accept ages 7-15 years old.

It is also for parents looking for an opportunity to co-found a dream learning community for their children with the support of other parents, facilitators, elders and resource people. READ MORE ..

Want to cut to the chase? 

To know all about what we do, the philosophy that informs us and how a typical week at our learning space looks like, go directly to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Ready to Play?


Culture Creation 

Our model is emergent and adaptive. We iterate and evolve our tools and practices so that the process is always serving the people. We have a space that supports kids to create the world they want to live in, rather than fit into the existing world!

Want to know more about what learners experience? READ MORE …

Our Learning Model 

The Agile Roots

The soil we grow from is trust: in students, in each other, in you. The four assumptions that ground us are as follows:

  • Learning: Learning is natural. It’s happening all the time.
  • Self-Direction: People learn best when they make their own decisions. Children are people.
  • Experience: People learn more from their culture and environment than from the material they are taught. The medium is the message.
  • Success: Accomplishment is achieved through cycles of intention, creation, reflection, and sharing.

Interested in knowing about our learning model?

Cycles of Learning


What do you want to accomplish today?

In our Learning Community, we discern and articulate what we want to do, individually and as a group.


What are you going to do about it?

Learners spend their days exploring and inventing – once we know what we want, we find the resources for it and create it.


What did you learn from your choices?

Looking back, we develop awareness of what worked and what didn’t, so we can move forward more powerfully.


How can you share it with the world?

We document our work to recordexhibit, and share our experience with others.

Want to know how this cycle of learning is put into practice? Checkout how our typical week looks like! READ MORE ..

How to Engage? 

There are multiple ways to get involved with our learning community. You can volunteer your time and effort, offer your expertise in knowledge or skills to children as a resource person, donate un-needed stuff at your house to our learning space, join our wisdom council for 60+, or be one of our founding parents and enroll your child in the first incarnation of this space!

Visit our GET INVOLVED page and choose the appropriate way through which you would like to engage with us! 

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We are located at 88 Moqattam Street, Moqattam City, Cairo, Egypt inside Monte Cairo Resort

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